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Shemeka McNair is a Mississippi native. She is a US Army Combat veteran that served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in the year of 2003. She is now a Veteran Motivational Speaker. She was ordained a Minister in the year of 2009. She enjoys ministering and serving in all facets of ministry unto the Lord. She studied acting for film with New York Film Academy in Hollywood, California.She has been fortunate enough to write direct, and perform in her stage play production, "It's Well Worth the Wait." She published her first book "Impatiently Waiting" March of 2017. Following the first book she published her second book “Behind the Scenes of Success” December 2017 and "On the Road to Recovery" which is dedicated to veterans and all those battling with PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. Besides authoring she has written directed and produced an upcoming film “Team Single” May the Best Man Win. She looks forward to future endeavors in the area of theater arts and entertainment.


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“There are 3  things I would suggest for you to keep in mind throughout your journey: Don’t make excuses make things happen. The only person that can stop you is you. You will find true happiness when you find yourself.” 


recent book

Impatiently Waiting.

Waiting is not always easy. Even though we are impatient at times, God knows our true desire is to wait for what we know is right for us. This book will prepare you to make better decisions in the mate you choose. You are not exempt from making mistakes and you need to know that you can get back up from a fall, you can bounce back from a breakup, and you can live after a divorce. This book will encourage you and empower you in the area of relationship. It will give you the wisdom you need to avoid wasting your own time in a situation God never planned for you. Be Patient. What God has for you or should I say who God has for you is Well Worth the Wait!

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