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This is not a how to be a success overnight guide. This book is to encourage you on your journey to success. I wanted you to know that it will not be easy. You cannot let anything come in between you and what you said you would do. Things will happen behind the scenes that you may never be able to tell anyone.


Behind the scenes of success can be a very dark place. Success is not handed down to everybody. Some of us start from scratch.

We see the Glitter and the Gold but we do not see the Fire that it was Birth from, we saw the Mountaintop but didn't see the trip through the Valley. Can you endure? Will you give up? Can you stand the test of time? Your dream, your vision it will test you, it will challenge you, it will bring you to your knees. It will also make you rise to the occasion if you want it bad enough. 

Behind the Scenes Success

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